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    Pink Hairbrush
    24 Colours Pink Hairbrush €12.95
    Marble Hairbrush
    24 Colours Marble Hairbrush €12.95
    Festival Glitter Lips
    Men's Society Festival Glitter Lips €24.00
    Festival Glitter Hair Kit
    Men's Society Festival Glitter Hair Kit €24.00
    Overdid It On The Gin Kit
    Men's Society Overdid It On The Gin Kit €34.00
    Bike Riders Essentials Kit
    Men's Society Bike Riders Essentials Kit €34.00
    The Festival Survival Kit
    Men's Society The Festival Survival Kit €34.00
    Red Eye Survival Kit
    Men's Society Red Eye Survival Kit €34.00
    Rule Breaker Key Ring
    Modo Creative Rule Breaker Key Ring €7.00