the getaway edit

Let's pack our bags & leave.

With the long weekend ahead, the only thing we can think about is to get away. Pack our bags & leave to warmer destinations. 

So we've put together the ideal getaway bag. Wanna know what's inside? Scroll along for our favorites getaway quickies.

N°1 I the sexy swimsuit

yes, also practical but mostly vèry sexy.

N°2 I sun hat & sandals

the essentials on a sun-drenched getaway.

N°3 I classy shorts

beach or city bound, these shorts can do both.

N°4 I the day2night dress

this one takes you from the beach to the bar.

N°5 I head band

keep it stylish & your hair back.

N°6 I striped pullover

for those cooler nights.

N°7 I beach throw-on

you simply can't do without.

N°8 I nice shades

blocking off the sun in style.

N°9 I show-off piece

you never know where you'll end up going.

any room left in your suitcase?

'cause there's more...