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    During the Holidays our LILY office is closed from 23/12 until 2/01
    This means:

    • All orders placed before 22/12 will still be sent on 23/12.
    • Orders placed between 23/12 and 2/01 will be sent on 3/01.

    Remember this while ordering your items! :) The last orders will leave our office on the 23rd of December, but keep in mind that Bpost will be busy too and your order might not be on time for Christmas.


    During this Holiday period we offer extended xmas returns. Any order placed from 13th December to 25th December 2019 will have up until 5th January 2020 to return their item. The usual returns policy then applies. 


    Late night shopping:

    • 20/12
      Ostend only: 10h - 20h

    Shopping Sundays:

    • 15/12 
      Ostend: 12h - 18h
      Mechelen: 13h - 18h
    • 22/12 
      Ostend: 12h - 18h
      Mechelen: 13h - 18h
    • 29/12
      Ostend: 12h - 18h
      Mechelen: 13h - 18h
    • 5/01 
      Ostend: 12h - 18h
      Mechelen: 13h - 18h